BELLA - 6 Quart Pressure Cooker

BELLA - 6 Quart - 10 in 1 Multi Use Pressure Cooker

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Safely cook your favorite meals UP TO 70% faster than conventional cookware. The process from cooking to cleaning just got much easier.

Features 10 pre-set functions specifically engineered to cook various types of food to perfection. It’s as easy as tossing in the ingredients, locking the lid and pressing 1 button.

This versatile cooker opens to the door to a whole new world of countless recipes. From ribs-to-chicken and soups-to-desserts, all can be cooked in an hour or less with just a push of a button! + a dedicated site of recipes to get you started.

Sear and brown you foods directly in the pressure cooker for added flavor to all your recipes. No need for a stove top.

From steam release valves, an air tight locking lid, and a safety-minded user interface you are 100% ensured you are cooking a safe + quick meal.

Easy clean up features like a non-stick removable cooking pot and moisture catching container are built in to make clean up a breeze! The BELLA 6QT Pressure Cooker also comes with a rice paddle and measuring cup.